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Quavo Explains How He Helps Late Rapper Pop Smoke For His Appearance

Quavo Explains How He Helps Late Rapper Pop Smoke For His Appearance

Atlanta rapper Quavo has explained how he helped late rapper Pop Smoke for his look and the relationship between the cities, Brooklyn and Atlanta.

It is obvious that Quavo, one of the rappers of Migos, represents North Atlanta. However, their influence extended beyond Atlanta to Brooklyn and New York. Which explains how he interacts with the rappers out there.

In a recent interview with Angie Martinez, Quavo revealed how they became friends with Brookyln rappers Bobby Shmurda, Rowdy Rebel, and GS9. Later in the speech, the subject came to Pop Smoke.

Quavo revealed how he counseled Pop Smoke on mode at Diddy’s party.

Here’s what Quavo said:

“I actually made him put on a suit to go to Diddy’s party. He was just, ‘I don’t wear no suits.’ I was like, ‘Man get a suit, man. Meet me right here tonight. We gon’ gotdamn link.’”

But his fashion advice didn’t stop there, Pop Smoke said he took advice from Quavo when he was going to his first fashion week in London and wore a long blue Louis Vuitton trench coat. He continued:

“It’s your first fashion week, you know. They’ll put anything on us. So he text my phone like, ‘Yo, I’m supposed to wear this shit like this?. I woulda told him if he was f**ked up, but he was fresh.”

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