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Radsody Reveals The List Which Her Favorite Female Rappers

Radsody Reveals The List Which Her Favorite Female Rappers

Ameican rapper Rapsody was recently interviewed by Everyday Struggle and revealed her favorite female rappers of all time.

Rapsody revealed that her first favorite female rapper is Cardi B. Here is her statements.

“I’m excluding myself, of course. Cardi’s my favorite. Leikeli47, Tokyo Jetz—I love her. I like Megan Thee Stallion but I just haven’t heard enough because I’ve been so busy. Ill Camille in the West Coast in LA. And the fifth one, there’s an artist out of Texas I like a lot, her name is [OMB] Bloodbath.”

Earlier in the interview, Rapsody also mentioned about Jermaine Dupri‘s recent disrespecting comments about women in the music industry. She continued:

“I was a judge on The Rap Game, that’s the first time we met, and then after that, we went to the studio for a day. For him, that was a perfect opportunity to shed light on people that you do like. I think we focus sometimes too much on what we don’t necessarily like and what’s not for us instead of talking about what you do like . . . You’re Jermaine Dupri, a legend, your voice carries weight, so co-sign somebody, whoever that may be.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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