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Rapper Evidence Reveals The Real Reason Why He Beefs With Eminem

Rapper Evidence Reveals The Real Reason Why He Beefs With Eminem

Michael Taylor Perretta, known professionally as Evidence, is an American rapper and record producer from Venice, Los Angeles, California. He is also a member of the group Dilated Peoples.

Evidence quest Talib Kweli from Uproxx and went deep into the beef with Eminem. He reveals that the main reason why he beefs with Eminem was his collaboration with fellow underdog rapper Everlast on the Dilated Peoples track. He said:

“The whole thing was a huge mistake. That’s the funniest part of my beef with Eminem.”

He continued:

“I guess he felt like, because maybe we had met and been cool, that I singlehandedly allowed Everlast to diss him. That wasn’t the case. It was just something he did. Everlast knows he did that — he didn’t warn any of us. And so [Em] went back at me personally because of it. Getting dissed by Eminem in the prime of his career — it was not cool at all.”

You can watch the episode below.

A few weeks ago, other Eminem’s beef rapper Machine Gun Kelly has shared his thoughts about whole Eminem thing and he was looking for a way of peace. He said:

“The internet thing trying to muddy it, that was a little annoying because it was kinda like, we can’t be a generation that rides only because a person’s a legend and strictly goes off that factor. When we do something for our generation, step up and acknowledge what happened, hold it down. That was not something I was expecting to ever happen. I said what I said, I don’t give a fuck . . . That should be the narrative for anyone in our generation.”

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