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Rapper Trouble Defends Alexis Skyy After His Cucumber-Themed Party

Rapper Trouble Defends Alexis Skyy After His Cucumber-Themed Party

Atlanta rapper Trouble hosted a pool party for his friend to showed up to have a good time. Alexis Skyy and Reginae Carter have been in the pool party. This was a cucumber-themed party so she should have known what to expect.

You can see Trouble’s pool party cover below.

Alexis Skyy was caught in a video on video before gluing vegetables to a woman’s mouth, and Reginae was forced to join social media, claiming that she was spying on her ex-boyfriend YFN Lucci. Trouble has now made his own statement about the formally controversial party, saying that people are seriously overreacting. In a recent post, Trouble took to Instagram to defend Alexis Skyy. He wrote:

“Yall deep deep in ya feelings Bout what these grown women doin with cucumbers I see… Yall hoes an ho azz n***az who hatin would FAINT if you seen the footage of what yo mama was doin freak nik days and memorial weekend in miami in 98 99.”

He also continued:

“Why you think so many of yall neva met ya daddy! Ah nigga moms had just met tore her azz up with a couple homies gone off dat grey goose, Bussed in ha freaky azz an went Bakk home! Neva even exchanged number”

See the Instagram post below.

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