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Remy Ma Says She Felt Paranoid Because Of A Common Issue That Everyone Is Facing In USA

Remy Ma Says She Felt Paranoid Because Of A Common Issue That Everyone Is Facing In USA

In this challenging year that has turned everyone’s lives upside down, people are confused about how to behave. One of those who felt this way was American rapper Remy Ma and via her official Instagram account, she explained how paranoid she felt about the pandemic in her latest post.

Not knowing how to deal with the virus has become a common problem in America, as elsewhere in the world, and most people have become afraid to leave their homes and walk around without a mask. While some people are unaware of the seriousness of the virus, susceptible people like Remy Ma are aware of the importance of wearing masks and are afraid of getting the virus when they do not.

Remmy Ma’s husband, Papoose Mackie, is also a rapper and he released a new album called “Endangered Species.” In his first music video, Remy Ma appeared next to her husband and supported him and took part in the video shoot.

In her post, Remy Ma told how paranoid she felt but at the same time looked pretty and cool in the outfits of the ’20s and ’30s. The rapper, who went out for the first time in a long time without a mask, revealed that she became quite anxious and immediately put her mask back on after the shooting.

Here’s what she said:

“You’d never know from looking at these photos how paranoid I was; first time outside with no mask on (put that thang RIGHT back on soon as the pic was done 😷)

Sidebar: my husband @papoosepapoose is OBSESSED with this era and was quoting every character from the movie “Harlem Nights” all day- annoyingggg😂 #RemyMa #EndangeredSpecies LINK IN BIO”

Check out the post below.

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