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Remy Ma Thinks Some Of The New Generation Artists Are “F–king Trash”

Remy Ma Thinks Some Of The New Generation Artists Are “F–king Trash”

New York native Remy Ma is a member of the Terror Squad group as a rapper. In 2000, she attracted attention with the remix of M.O.P.’s hit single “Ante Up”. She joined the hip hop band Terror Squad, founded by Fat Joe.

Remy Ma was the quest on State of the Culture Show with Joe Budden.

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In the middle of the conversation, the 39-year-old rapper Remy Ma has shared his thoughts about new generation rap artist. She said that she was unhappy with the new rappers’s exclusionary attitude of the old rappers. She said:

“This is my opinion. I don’t really give a f*ck about it. Let me get into my Remy Ma bag. Seriously, I really don’t care. What I think is that some of these newer artists are f*ckin’ trash and they can’t compare to some of the standards that were set. They mastered the way to stream and make catchy hooks and the wave that’s going on. That’s cool.”

Joe Budden chimed in and he shared his thoughts about new generation rappers.

“You n*ggas got it f*ckin’ easy”

The Bronx rapper also continued her words on the new generation rappers. She stated:

“The only way to get rid of…to make it seem like what they doing is great is to get rid of the greats before you. If you listen to any of the newer artists that get a buzz or be popular, they always, ‘These old people need to do this.’ Now, they really want you to go away. ‘Go over there. I don’t want anybody that can actually critique what I’m saying. Go away, die, never come back, and let us do what we do.'”

Watch the video of Remy’s opinion below.

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