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Rihanna Reacts To A Black Attorney General’s Remarks On Breonna Taylor Decision

Rihanna Reacts To A Black Attorney General’s Remarks On Breonna Taylor Decision

One of the celebrities who react to the grand jury’s decision about Breonna Taylor’s case was Rihanna. The pop star also showed her anger Kentucky’s Black attorney general, Daniel Cameron, a republican.

Kentucky’s Black attorney general made a statement Wednesday when explaining why the grand jury didn’t seek criminal charges against police officers who responsible for Breonna Taylor’s death. He was very emotional while making his announcement but some didn’t believe his sympathetic words.

Here’s what Cameron stated:

“I understand that as a Black man, how painful this is … which is why it was so incredibly important to make sure that we did everything we possibly could to uncover every fact.

My heart breaks for the loss of Miss Taylor. And I’ve said that repeatedly. My mother, if something was to happen to me. Would find it very hard. I’ve seen that pain on Miss (Tamika) Palmer’s face(Taylor’s mother). I’ve seen that pain in the community.”

However, Cameron claimed that the officers who fired their weapons at Taylor just protect themselves after her boyfriend’s shots. He added:

“If we simply act on emotion or outrage, there is no justice.”

People didn’t believe his remarks and expressed that his statement is ‘crocodile tears.’ One of them was Rihanna. The singer took to Instagram to share a sign that reads ‘a cop shot a black woman and was only charged for the shots missed.’ She also reacted to Daniel Cameron and called him a ‘hollow skull.’

Here’s what RiRi said:

“I’m just gonna let this sink into your hollow skull, Daniel Cameron.”

See the Instagram post below.

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