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Rihanna Reveals The First Thing She Notices In Men During The Vogue Interview

Rihanna Reveals The First Thing She Notices In Men During The Vogue Interview

R&B star Rihanna chatted in an interview with one of her longtime friends, collaborators, and now Fenty Skin ambassador rapper ASAP Rocky to talk about all things skincare and health as a part of the Vogue magazine.

In a video released by Vogue on Wednesday, ASAP Rocky asked the 32-year-old singer 15 questions about skincare and skin health as the two shared plenty of flirtatious giggles with one another.

Rocky asked her what the first thing she notices in someone when you see them for the first time is, Rihanna confidently said that the first thing she noticed is someone’s face. She continued by saying that she looks at their shoes. RiRi also added she loves to look at someone’s skin, teeth, and smile.

Here’s the conversation below;

ASAP Rocky asked:

“What is the first thing you notice in somebody when you see them for the first time?”

Rihanna responded to:

“The first thing you see is someone’s face. Unless you are looking at their shoes. I usually tend to look at their skin, their teeth, their smile. And then after that, it’s more about like whatever energy they are giving off. That’s really important because all of that prettiness could go to shit. If your demeanor is like whack.”

Rocky chimed in:

“Most fellas, not myself, but most fellas look at the ass, you feel me. But you know skin is definitely one of them.”

Fenty Skin launched at the end of last month. Rocky ends the conversation by letting RiRi and viewers know that his personal favorite product is the invisible moisturizer. Check out the full interview in the video linked below.

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