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Rubi Rose Explains Why She’ll Never Date Rappers In The Industry

Rubi Rose Explains Why She’ll Never Date Rappers In The Industry

One of the rising rappers, Rubi Rose, explained why she will never date rappers in the hip-hop industry. Seemingly, she has a logical reason.

Rubi is among the few artists included in this year’s XXL Freshman class, and despite the hate, she’s received from some social media users, the rapper has continued to shine. Rubi explains why she’s not enthusiastic about dating someone from the entertainment industry.

As you know, Rubi Rose and hip-hop artist DDG dated for a while. However, Rubi and DDG’s romance became the main topic of discussion, and although it seemed to be over, Rubi recently reacted to her on the Internet. DDG later issued an apology.

In a conversation with Rubi 99Jamz, she gave some details about her past relationships and why she wouldn’t date anyone in the music industry. She said:

“Keep it off the internet. Moving forward, I’m going to do so.” Cindy wanted to know if Rubi would date another person in the industry. “I wanna say no, ’cause mostly like rappers and n*ggas in this industry are just habitual cheaters, but it’s like, it’s hard to meet people outside of this industry because I don’t be out… Other people don’t understand the lifestyle.”

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