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Russell Crowe Sings A Very Rude Song To A Famous Musician

Russell Crowe Sings A Very Rude Song To A Famous Musician

Actor Russell Crowe has uploaded a hilarious video on Twitter, expressing his birthday wishes to Great Big Sea vocalist Alan Doyle who turned 51 years old.

Crowe wrote a bizarre lyrics to celebrate the birthday of the famous musician and his close friend, Doyle, and he sang this song along with an acoustic guitar.

Gladiator actor warned his fans that there are rough expressions in the lyrics. He was joking about it, but even so, he attributed this song, which is including rude words, to his close friend, Alan Doyle. Here’s what Russell Crowe wrote:

“Happy Birthday to Alan Doyle. Here’s a little tune we’ve been using to celebrate IGP Music birthdays this year. Give it a spin. Be warned though, it includes a concept that may be considered both scientifically improbable and rather rude…”

You can also check out the lyrics of this bizarre song below.

“Happy birthday, hope you’ve got a cake filled asshole too. Happy birthday, don’t light the candles, cause if you fart, you’re gonna hurt off both of your testicles.. haha what.”

Alan Doyle jumped to the comment section and wrote:

“This is significantly more poetic than several demos I have recorded lately. Cheers from Newfoundland.”

A user named Joanne Spencer commented and said:

“Thank you that had brightened my night!”

Watch the Twitter video below.

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