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Russell Crowe Slams A Pop-Up Ad That Misleads People About Himself

Russell Crowe Slams A Pop-Up Ad That Misleads People About Himself

Australian actor Russell Crowe made a statement on his verified Twitter account and warned people about one of the false advertising about him.

Russell Crowe shared a screenshot of an advertisement that includes one of his photos. It was written as follows in the ad; ‘Russell Crowe’s new investment makes hundreds of people in Australia very rich.’

Crowe stated that these similar advertisements were used to defraud people, and they even tried to mislead people by using pictures of Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman. He warned people against such fraudulent ads and told them to never believe it.

Here’s what he said:

“Ad’s popping up everywhere. They’ve got nothing to do with me. They are also using ⁦Hugh Jackman⁩ too.

Obviously, if they are prepared to misappropriate images and lie about who represents them then, stands to reason whatever they are selling is bullshit too. Be careful.”

A Twitter user shared experiences that she faced and said:

“I got a friend request from a Russell Crowe. Not the Russell Crowe. Obviously, I didn’t accept. When I checked his Facebook page he was offering all kinds of prizes etc to his fans because he loved them! Anyway, I’ve taken your advice and always look for the blue tick. Lol”

Another said:

“How upset you must be! Sometimes it must be weird to be a famous person. About you, I believe only what comes from you, and I know you are an honest and generous person with a big heart. I fully know that we are in a society of lies, especially when it comes to the medias.”

Check out the Twitter post below.

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