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Ryan Murphy Shows Why Ratched Is A ‘Phenomenon’ With His Latest Attempt

Ryan Murphy Shows Why Ratched Is A ‘Phenomenon’ With His Latest Attempt

Producer Ryan Murphy thinks Sharon Stone is one of the reasons behind the 2020 television series Ratched becoming one of the most popular series in a short time.

Sharon Stone portrays a millionaire with a pet monkey perched on her back in Ratched. The new series tells the origin story of the Big Nurse character in Ken Kesey’s classic One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

It stars Sarah Paulson as the younger version of the villainous health professional that Louise Fletcher won an Oscar for playing in the 1975 film, which was set in the 1950s.

Stone took to Instagram to show a gift she received from Ryan Murphy. In the photo, the producer sent her a bouquet flowers with a note that show his gratitude.

In the note, Ryan thanked Sharon Stone for making Ratched the number one phenomenon in the world and showed his respect for her in this way.

Here’s the note of Ryan:

“Thank you for all you have done to make Ratched a #1 global phenomenon. It’s fun to have a hit.”

Also, Sharon Stone responded to Ryan by leaving a caption:

“Thank you Ryan for being superb!”

See the Instagram post below.

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