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Ryan Reynolds Points Out One Of His Films And Says His Kids Had Trouble Watching It

Ryan Reynolds Points Out One Of His Films And Says His Kids Had Trouble Watching It

Ryan Reynolds is one of the recognized actors in our times and we have known for his role as Deadpool. But, he played in Buried, which is a horror-thriller real-time saga of a truck driver who finds himself buried alive.

The official Twitter page of ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ published a new review article about the Buried movie, which Ryan Reynolds stars and said it was one of the scariest single-location movies after 10 years.

Following the article shared in social media, the 43-year-old actor shared something about his kids faced some trouble after releasing the movie. As you already know, Buried is a horror movie and even an adult may be afraid while watching it. Therefore, Reynolds pointed out ‘Buried’ and said his kids had trouble watching it.

Here’s what he wrote:

“My kids had trouble watching this.”

Check out the Twitter post below.

The movie was shot in Barcelona for 16 days. While filming, Lead actor Ryan Reynolds stated that he suffered from claustrophobia (like the character he played). The coffin he was in was slowly filling with sand as the film was made. One of the inspirations of director Rodrigo Cortés while making this movie was the movie Rope directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

During a recent interview with Parade, Ryan Reynolds had opened up his struggle as he played his role. He said:

“All of the physical injuries are like souvenirs. But the emotional stuff is harder. When you’re spending 17 straight days in a heightened state of anxiety and panic, it’s not very good for your nervous system, so you walk away pretty jittery. I definitely struggled with a lot of insomnia when I was working on this film and that was something that was new to me.”

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