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Sam Smith Pushes Back Against Body-Shaming With Powerful Message

Sam Smith Pushes Back Against Body-Shaming With Powerful Message

British singer/songwriter Sam Smith has shared the new photo on the official Instagram page and made a powerful statement about their body shape.

As we all know, Sam Smith struggled with overweight for years, and then the 27-year-old singer was on a heavy diet to have a fit body. In the end, it lost tons of kilos.

Sam Smith jumped to social media and announced a new workout application named FIIT for those who are in the self-quarantine amid coronavirus outbreak.

In the statement, Smith said that it was always difficult for him to exercise and it could not motivate themself. However, in these difficult times, it told their fans that the best thing to do while at home is doing exercise and advised the application called FIIT.

Here’s what Sam Smith stated:

“Exercise has always been hard for me. I’ve always found it so difficult and challenging to motivate myself and also found it to be very linked with my body shame and difficulties with food.

During this time I know a lot of you will be struggling and feeling low because of current situations and exercise might seem like the last thing you want to do right now. IF you have time however, I’ve been using this app called ‘FIIT’ (I’ll find them and tag them at the end of this) and they are really really good.

You can make it as easy or as hard as you want, but I find it kind and cozy and helpful. Hope this helps if you are like me and hate being out of breath 😂❤️ Love to you all this Tuesday. Stay hopeful and stay inside 😘”

A user named abellavastacy.50 commented and said:

“Happy quarantine💕”

Another fan named rianna.ig.x wrote:

“I love you, Sam❤️❤️”

Peep the Instagram post below.

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