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Sam Smith Shares A Really Bizarre ‘Dress Like Woman’ Photo

Sam Smith Shares A Really Bizarre ‘Dress Like Woman’ Photo

One of the most popular British singers in the world, Sam Smith, has posted an interesting pose of himself with his close friend and media director, Trentoz, via his official and verified Instagram account.

If you check out this photo, Sam Smith was looking really bizarre while wearing a stunning woman dress. Also, he was not alone in this pose, his close friend was accompanying him with a similar dress. This Instagram post of him has reached more than 450k likes and his close followers have written many comments about this pose.

Here is the caption of it:

“Cammy and Annie take on the big smoke #sydney @trentoz.”

Jeremy Kost wrote a comment:

“Aren’t they precious! Looking for the yellow brick road like… those red heels! 👠”

Ricki Lee said this to Sam:

“Looking forward to seeing you ladies 😘😘😘.”

You can see the Instagram post of him right below.

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