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Sarah Jessica Parker Has An Idea To Rise New York City Like A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes

Sarah Jessica Parker Has An Idea To Rise New York City Like A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes

In a recent interview she gave, Sarah Jessica Parker stated that everyone should strive to mitigate the negative effects of the pandemic on New York City.

Parker is highly known worldwide from her role in the TV series Sex and the City. She won the Golden Globe and Emmy Awards for this series. Later she took part in the films of the series.

New York City, just like every other cosmopolitan city, is financially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Small and large businesses, including many famous stores, and the people working in these businesses struggled a lot both financially and morally.

Parker wants to help the businesses recover by providing employment. In New York City, she owns SJP shoe stores. Parker also said that she is trying to provide this support by eating at local restaurants, shopping at grocery stores, and local bookstores.

Here’s what she said:

“I go to work, I go to the stores. I walk the streets. We go to our local grocery stores. We try to order in from restaurants. We continue to support our local independent booksellers. For a lot of us, we’re just trying to keep contributing to the city.”

Parker is also getting ready to reopen her shoe stores. The reason for this is because she believes she has a responsibility towards many people. She also said she hoped this would set an example for other businesses and they would do the same thing.

She continued:

“So many of us have had good fortune here, and we owe it to the city to embed ourselves in its revitalization. We have to find a way to support our businesses so that there is a reason to come home, and that’s the only way I can imagine this Phoenix rising from the ashes, is to keep reinvesting. Not just financially, but also emotionally.”

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