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Scary Movie’s Marlon Wayans Calls The Weinstein Company An ‘Evil’ Due To Major Money Issue

Scary Movie’s Marlon Wayans Calls The Weinstein Company An ‘Evil’ Due To Major Money Issue

Scary Movie co-creator and actor, Marlon Wayans, says he and his brothers are still facing The Weinstein Company for major money issues and calls the studio an ‘evil.’

The Weinstein Company still owes Marlon Wayans and his brothers, Marlon and Shawn, money twenty years after the movie’s drop. Also, Marlon and his brother appeared in two of the five films but they were responsible for creating the entire franchise.

First of all, the Wayans brother had faced some difficulties to get a studio for the first Scary Movie film. However, The Weinstein Company, which was founded by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, provided funds for the low budget film. But, the problems came one after another: The company agreed with new writers and a new director for Scary Movie 3. Then, the company declared bankruptcy following Harvey’s sexual assault scandal.

During a recent interview with Variety, Marlon Wayans talked about ongoing money problems between the Wayans brothers and The Weinstein Company. Wayans has shared his thoughts about the production company that he describes as ‘evil.’ He said:

“[The Weinstein’s are] not the best or the kindest people to be in business with. They’re very much an evil regime, I guess. They do what they want to do how they do it — and it can be rude and quite disrespectful. We couldn’t come to terms on the deal. It’s like, ‘If you don’t want to pay for the jokes, have somebody else do it.’”

The first Scary Movie film has gained great success. However, today, The Weinstein Company has a bad reputation on the Hollywood side. Earlier this year, Harvey was found guilty of rape and charged for a 23-year prison. The company is officially bankrupt. Because of these reasons, it is unlikely that the Wayans will receive the money they say they owe from Scary Movie.

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