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Schoolboy Q Reveals Why He Doesn’t Trust Other Artists

Schoolboy Q Reveals Why He Doesn’t Trust Other Artists

During a recent interview with Vulture, ‘CrasH Talk’ rapper Schoolboy Q has shared his thoughts about have always been funny while working and his project. He said:

“I’m a funny nigga. I’ve always been a funny nigga. It’s just who I am. When you think of a gangbanger, you don’t picture a nigga that acts like me. You see gangbangers all the time. Crips, Bloods, whoever it is. Rappers …

we act a little different. I think I’m separate. Even my music, you could categorize me as a gangster, but could you really? But could you really say I’m a gangster rapper though? Like, yeah, I’m a gangster rapper, but could you really just put that on me, with albums like Oxymoron? Shit, like Crash Talk, even Blank Face?”

Schoolboy Q also revealed why he always trust himself about music career. He said:

“Mine. Fuck niggas, man. I got pretty far by being me. I’m lucky, man. I could disappear and come back, and niggas are still interested. You can’t really cancel me off, nigga. I’m Schoolboy, bro. You always gonna listen. You’re always gonna give it a shot.”

Schoolboy Q continued and mentioned:

“Even if you don’t like me, you’re going to listen somehow, someway. You gonna be in somebody car, they’re gonna be knocking my shit. You’re gonna be walking down the street, they’re gonna be knocking my shit. I’m one of those artists that I do everything, so you may go into the club and hear my shit.

You may go to the strip club and hear my shit. You may go to the festival, and some nigga playing my shit. I give you too much balance. You don’t have to like me. But you can’t avoid me. I’m the nigga, bro. I’ll always be that nigga.”

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