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Scrubs Star Zach Braff Refuses Ryan Reynolds’ Interesting Request

Scrubs Star Zach Braff Refuses Ryan Reynolds’ Interesting Request

In a new post on Twitter, Scrubs star Zach Braff announced that Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds would visit on his ‘Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald’ podcast.

The leading actors of the legendary series, Scrubs, Zach Braff (John Dorian) and Donald Faison (Christopher Turk) started podcasting together after the series ended in 2010. The two best friends announced that they will host Ryan Reynolds in the final episode of the second season.

As you may recall, Ryan Reynolds was guest starred in the 2003 episode titled ‘My Dream Job.’ Now, Zach, Donald, and Ryan reunited once again after for years.

Zach Braff wrote on Twitter, sharing a photo of the three:

“Today on the season two finale of the podcast, Ryan Reynolds!!!! Is an awesome actor we talk about.”

Ryan Reynolds jumped to the comment section immediately and trolled Zach with his interesting request. Reynolds offered he wanted to wear fake gowns and give real medical advice. He said:

“I wanna come on the show. Can I wear fake scrubs and dispense real medical advice? cc: Donald Faison.”

Braff replied:

“Ryan, we love you. Bring Gin.”

Reynolds continued to troll and commented:

“I’ll bring a few bottles. And of course, the gin that’s already in my body.”

check out the Twitter posts below.

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