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Shawn Mendes On ‘Wonder’ While Revealing His Ideas On The Social Pressure Of Social Media

Shawn Mendes On ‘Wonder’ While Revealing His Ideas On The Social Pressure Of Social Media

Young musician Shawn Mendes made new statements after presenting his new album ‘Wonder’ to his fans, explaining how his views on life and his perspective on the world have changed over time.

The Canadian pop star has signed off with many successful works in the last months of 2020. His Netflix documentary was released, he was back on the AMAs stage with Justin Bieber to perform their new song ‘Monster,’ and his new album ‘Wonder’ is out.

The 22-year-old singer wrote ‘Monster’ three years ago while going through a difficult period, and now he stated that the song reminded him how people on social media were desperately waiting to be appreciated when they post something new.

Shawn Mendes, who thinks that everyone is putting social pressure on each other on this issue, also adds that this messy human condition is not talked about enough.

Here’s what he stated:

“Three years later, I actually listen back to it and it makes me think of every single person who has Instagram or Twitter and every single person who is checking their Instagram every five minutes to see if people approve of the last thing they posted.

It’s tough, because there is this [societal] pressure that everyone has and is putting on each other, and something that is so true and I don’t think is talked about enough is that the human condition is messy.”

In the continuation of his statements, Shawn Mendes complained that people fell and learned things when they were babies, but when they grew up as adults they were no longer allowed to make mistakes and learn the truth.

Therefore, the singer believes that society and culture should work for each other by helping those who are struggling to get out of a difficult situation and teaching them instead of pushing them down any further.

He continued:

“As babies, we fall and learn — that is how we don’t do something again and that is how we grow and I think as adults — I don’t know who decided that we are not allowed to keep learning or to fall…We got to be OK with being messy and falling,

and if somebody falls, don’t push them down, don’t put your foot on top of them, help them up and teach them. I think that’s the way that culture can really be there for each other and I think it is a beautiful thing for that reason.”

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