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Sheck Wes Reveals Why He Hates Klay Thompson

Sheck Wes Reveals Why He Hates Klay Thompson

Harlem rapper Sheck Wes has shared an unknown story between Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson and himself on his verified Twitter account, revealing why he hates NBA star.

A few days ago, Sheck Wes decided to reveal some unknown facts about himself to his fans under the name ‘Fun Fact’ and started the session to tell a story with GSW shooting guard, Klay Thompson.

If you look at the tweet, Sheck Wes said that he asked Klay Thompson for an autograph during the 2015 All-Star event, which took place in New York, but Klay declined the rapper’s request and pushed him in public. After Klay’s behavior, Wes stated that he decided not to reject someone, who asked for the photo or signature.

Here’s what Sheck Wes wrote:

“FunFact: When I was younger Klay Thompson pushed me when I asked for an autograph during ALL STAR in NYC, and I had hate for him after, so today I decline no one when they ask for a photo.”

A Twitter user named aliouirving commented and said:

“And we made a group decision not to wash him that day. But he definitely lost 5 fans Lmaooo.”

Sheck Wes replied:

“Facts lol I fuck with Klay now tho, he’s elite.”

Another fan named Brianna wrote:

“Real recognize real.”

Check out the Twitter post below.

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