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Sia Enchants Her Fans With Christmas Spirit As She Joins ‘Snowman’ TikTok Challenge

Sia Enchants Her Fans With Christmas Spirit As She Joins ‘Snowman’ TikTok Challenge

Grammy-winning singer Sia updated her Instagram to share a video of herself participating in a TikTok challenge in which people try to sing her song ‘Snowman‘ in one breathe.

Sia is an artist who has a unique voice and always been a remarkable musician with her distinctive stage image and original wigs. She also became a film scriptwriter and director with her film ‘Music,’ in which Maddie Ziegler, who has been the leader in most of Sia’s music videos for years, and the famous actress Kate Hudson took part.

When the movie’s trailer was released, it faced a lot of unexpected criticism because of its subject and Sia answered them all stating that the movie was like a love letter addressing both caregivers and the autism community.

Besides all these events, the famous singer turned 45 on Friday, and instead of broadcasting her birthday celebration like everyone else, she participated in the TikTok challenge and sang to her followers.

Sia made her followers laugh by accompanying to the videos of many people trying to sing the rhyme part of the song ‘Snowman’ in one breathe, saying that even her breath was not enough to sing that fast anymore.

Here’s the caption:

“I can’t even do it in one breathe #SnowmanChallenge”

The followers of the famous singer celebrated her birthday by stating how much they loved Sia in the comments section and did not leave her alone on her special day.

One of her followers wrote:

“Happy birthday queen we love u very much 💗💗”

Another of her followers wrote:

“Happy Birthday Sia!!! Love you❤️”

A fan wrote:

“oh poor baby 😥😢 Please get better soon we need you here to encourage us we can’t live without you ❤️you are the (Golden voice) that reunites us together ❤️”

Check out the post below.

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