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Skylar Grey Manifests How The Song ‘Black Magic’ With Eminem Is Relatable With Her Whole Life

Skylar Grey Manifests How The Song ‘Black Magic’ With Eminem Is Relatable With Her Whole Life

Skylar Grey, who is an American singer and songwriter, took Instagram to share a bunch of snaps she took in the woods which all have a gloomy air to them and explained how she felt different from everyone since her childhood.

Skylar Grey, who has been on the agenda with her long-term friend Eminem’s song ‘Black Magic’ in the newly released ‘Music To Be Murdered By – Side B (Deluxe)‘ album, said she was glad that the song was released at Christmas time.

As it can be seen in the photos that the singer shared they all have a gloomy and depressing air because Grey alone seems to be doing real magic in the forest.

On Tuesday, Skylar Grey shared the back story of the song and gave some unknown facts about her life. She stated that she had an imaginary world in her entire life in which she separated herself from the rest of the people and chose to behave opposite to them.

Furthermore, at the age of 8, she thought she was a vampire so she dressed in all black and went to church biting the people around. She did not fit into the norms at school either and would sit alone at the piano far away from other kids.

Skylar Grey also revealed that she didn’t like family gatherings and she was a very antisocial girl sneaking away to her room to listen to Eminem and manifest her destiny. Now, at the age of 34, they are very good friends with Eminem and together they produce new songs.

Here’s the caption:

“It’s actually perfect that BLACK MAGIC came out at Christmas time. My whole life I’ve lived in my own imaginary world inside my head. Whatever people were doing around me, I was usually doing the opposite.

During my vampire phase at age 8, I dressed in all black and went around biting people in church. During lunch at school as others were vying for the best seat at the table, I was sitting alone at the piano in the band room writing songs between bites of sandwich.

And during the holidays when family was gathering, I was being antisocial, sneaking away to my room to listen to Eminem and manifest my destiny.”

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