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Skylar Grey Says ‘I’m Going To Give It The Patience’ As She Announces She’s Working On A New Album

Skylar Grey Says ‘I’m Going To Give It The Patience’ As She Announces She’s Working On A New Album

Singer and songwriter, Holly Brook Hafermann, known professionally as Skylar Grey, has made a crucial announcement about her new album that she’s working on by sharing a recent Instagram post.

Skylar Gray has officially announced that it is working on a new album but does not want fans to rush for it.

Saying she wanted to go further but wore the wrong shoes, Gray said preparation was key. Stating that patience is something that does not belong in 2020, the singer admitted that she was always eager and hasty to release the music. She said that she realized that this was causing her dissatisfaction with her songs.

Saying that she did not know when her next album will be released, Gray said she would give the patience and preparation she could not give in her past albums. She said she wanted her fans to know about it.

Here’s what Skylar Grey stated:

“I wanted to go farther but I wore the wrong shoes.

Preparation is key. And proper preparation takes patience. And patience is something I never had before 2020… I was always so anxious to release music that I’d rush it. It’s no wonder why I wasn’t ever totally satisfied with the results.

So there’s no telling when my next album will be done. I’m going to give it the patience and preparation my past albums didn’t get. However, I wanted to let you know that I started working on it, and I’m obsessed.”

As you may remember, Skylar Gray has released many albums in 2020. However, the artist, who could not achieve the success she wanted, promised that she would act more patiently and carefully for the future.

Check out the Instagram post below.

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