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Snoop Dogg Warns People For ‘Staying Woke’ During These Hard Days

Snoop Dogg Warns People For ‘Staying Woke’ During These Hard Days

The most prominent among them all was a global icon, and American rapper, Snoop Dogg, has posted a recent photo of himself via his verified Instagram account and made a short but effective announcement thanks to his picture.

There have been many protests taking place across the country after an innocent African-American man named George Floyd was killed by a white police officer in the city of Minnesota. While the demonstrations continued, most of the famous names broke their silence for George’s death from their social media accounts, and also, many artists flocked to the streets and joined the protests.

These days, Snoop Dogg is sharing a lot of meaningful posts about George Floyd on his Instagram account. Today, Snoop shared a close-up selfie pose of himself on Instagram and made a short but effective announcement to give important courage to people.

He penned down a stunning caption with this post and warned his followers to stay woke up during these hard days. As you can see in the photo of him, he was looking very sleepless and tired because of the war of their with the polices. This post reached more than 1.3 million likes in a really short time and most of his followers wrote comments to say that we are with him.

Here’s what Snoop wrote with this post:

“Stay woke 👊🏿  ☮️  🙏🏽  .”

A fan named Joe Patalik commented:

“I love you whatever color, identity, the gender you have spread the love.”

Another fan named Tshepang wrote a sweet message to Snoop:

“Always keep your head up.”

You see the Instagram post of Snoop Dogg right below.

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