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Spider-Man’s Tom Holland Makes A Sad Statement: “I Miss You Mate”

Spider-Man’s Tom Holland Makes A Sad Statement: “I Miss You Mate”

The actor best known for playing Spider-Man in the Marvel, Tom Holland, has shared a sincere photo of himself with his close friend and costume assistant, Anthony Drewett, via his official Instagram account.

The coronavirus epidemic continues to be effective and spread rapidly all over the world. People quarantined themselves at their homes to prevent further spread of this deadly virus.

One of them is Tom Holland, and he has stayed at her home to protect himself from the coronavirus for two-weeks. Today, the 23-years-old actor shared a sincere photo while he was having a great time with his close friend, Anthony Drewett.

Also, he penned down an emotional message to say that he missed his close friend. This photo reached more than 1M likes and his followers wrote many comments for sharing his pain.

Here’s what he wrote with it:

“Ok Drewdog, I give you permission to retaliate with something equally as embarrassing. Miss, you mate x.”

A user named Melissa commented:

“I’m in love with this pictures ♥️♥️”

Another user named Imani wrote a sweet message to warn him:

“Stay safe! Prayers to your family! ❤️😘”

You can see the Instagram post of him right below.

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