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Spike Lee Says ‘This Coup Is No Joke’ As He Warns People Against A Possible Civil War

Spike Lee Says ‘This Coup Is No Joke’ As He Warns People Against A Possible Civil War

The legendary director Spike Lee updated his Instagram account and made a crucial statement about the latest protests at the US Capitol building in Washington DC.

On Wednesday, the United States was shaken by the attack on the Capitol building in Washington by supporters of President Donald Trump. This siege occurred after Congress convened to confirm Joe Biden’s presidential victory, and Trump supporters clashed with the police.

While Trump supporters were inside the US Capitol Hill, Donald Trump made a call to his supporters and asked them to end this illegal demonstration and return home.

However, the incident ended with the intervention of the National Guard. All protesters were driven out, and Vice President Mike Pence did not object to the elections, officially recognizing Joe Biden’s presidency. Trump made a statement saying he admitted defeat.

However, Spike Lee made a statement on Instagram and made his personal opinion about this incident. Saying it was a very sad day, Lee said it was a coup attempt and not a joke. He also told people that Trump still has the nuclear code and they should be prepared for a possible civil war.

Here’s what Spike Lee said:

“Such A Sad,Sad Day In The So Called “CRADLE OF DEMOCRACY”. Please Be Safe. THIS “COUP” Is No Joke. And As I Have Said Numerous Times Already-AGENT ORANGE Still Has Da NUCLEAR CODE. The United States Of America Is ON DA BRINK Of A CIVIL WAR.”

Check out the Instagram post below.

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