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Spike Lee Unearths A Never-Before-Seen Photo Of Chadwick Boseman Posing Like ‘Jesus Christ’

Spike Lee Unearths A Never-Before-Seen Photo Of Chadwick Boseman Posing Like ‘Jesus Christ’

The legendary director and also actor Spike Lee has updated his Instagram feed and mourned the late Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman by sharing a beautiful post.

Chadwick Boseman passed away at the age of 43 due to colon cancer on August 28, 2020. The whole world showed its love for him by paying tribute to the late actor.

Chadwick Boseman played the role of Stormi in Da 5 Bloods directed by Spike Lee, released by Netflix in 2020. On Saturday, the iconic director revealed a never-before-seen photograph of Boseman during the filming and explained the purpose of this photograph.

The 63-year-old director explained the photo of the late actor by saying Boseman was posing like ‘Jesus Christ.’ As you might see in the photo, Chadwick was in his military uniform on the set of Da 5 Bloods, with his hands spread wide and his eyes closed, looking towards the sky. That’s why Spike Lee said he was posing like ‘Jesus Christ.’

Spike Lee was also said that this photographed was taken by his close friend, David Charles Lee, who has been a photographer since his school years at New York University. The director said that this photo was taken before the last scene, and once again commemorated Chadwick Boseman.

Here’s what the director said:

“Dis Photograph By My Brother David Charles Lee-My Longtime Unit Photographer (Since My NYU Grad Film School Years) Took This Picture Of Our Beloved Brother CHADWICK BOSEMAN In This Christ Like Pose.

This Took Place Before The Final Scene His Character STORMIN’ NORMAN Who Reappears As A Ghost To Forgive His Best Friend Paul (DelRoy Lindo) For Accidentally Killing Him In An Act Friendly Fire. On My Grandmother’s And Mother’s Graves There Wuz Some Deep Spirituality Happening In This Scene.

Everybody Felt It,In Front And Behind The Camera. The Heaven That Was Bathing Chadwick In The Light Was Not From On Of DP Tom Sigel’s Lights. The Wuz GOD Himself Who Lit Brother Chadwick. And Dat’s Da God’s Lamp Truth, Ruth. God Bless Our Brother.”

His post has reached 112k likes in a short time, with followers headed to the comment section to mourn the late actor.

A fan commented:

“Thank you for sharing this gem of our. King Chadwick, Brother Spike.”

Another fan wrote:

“We know what that spirit really looks like. That’s just the house…”

See the Instagram post below.

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