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Star Wars’ Mark Hamill Reacts To A Fan Who Edits His Babyhood Photo

Star Wars’ Mark Hamill Reacts To A Fan Who Edits His Babyhood Photo

Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker is 69 years old. Mark Hamill celebrated his birthday a few days ago. Many social media users and his close friends made his birthday with great messages.

Hamill, who receives many birthday wishes on social media, took to Twitter and thanked everyone to make him happy. Additionally of this post, he shared two photos of himself from different ages. The first photo shows his babyhood and the second one shows his current look.

Here’s what Mark said:

“I’m so touched & really appreciate EVERYONE who took the time to send their best wishes, making it impossible for me to ignore my birthday like I used to do before social-media ruined that possibility-Love U ALL (the sincere, not phony kind)”

However, a Twitter user nicknamed Earthling noticed that the babyhood photo of the actor was poor quality and decided to edit it. Then, he stopped in the comment section and shared Hamil’s babyhood photo with some edits.

The fan wrote:

“Enhanced your baby pic a bit. Hope you can see the difference. Keep fighting Mark, you’re an important voice.”

Mark Hamill got emotional after seeing this fan’s effort and thanked him for this photo editing. He said:

“Nice work! Many thanks (I’m saving it).”

Check out the Twitter posts below.

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