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Stephen King Gives A Perfect Comparison As He Address Racial Discrimination In The US

Stephen King Gives A Perfect Comparison As He Address Racial Discrimination In The US

As American author of horror novels Stephen King continued his critical comments on the United States, he made a great comparison to show what racial discrimination is like in the country on his Twitter page.

Following the announcement of the results of the elections in Atlanta, the House of Representatives held a meeting on January 6, 2021, at the US Capitol building in Washington DC. After Donald Trump objected to the election results on social media, the former president called the people who voted for him to contest the results in front of the US Capitol building.

However, events did not turn out as desired. Hundreds of pro-Trump supporters attacked the US Capitol building and occupied it until the National Guard arrived. It was one of the most memorable events in United States history and has been described as a blow to democracy.

Stephen King made a comparison on this incident and posted a striking tweet. According to King, he said that if black people and not white people had attacked the US Capitol building, that people would probably be imprisoned or killed.

Here’s what Stephen King said:

“A black man who incited a mob to storm the Capital of the United States would be in jail or dead. Probably the latter.”

Many Twitter users supported his comparison and made lots of comments about the events in the US Capitol.

A user commented:

“If the rioters had been black they would have been shot..without question. If Barack Obama had done what Trump did, he would have been impeached before his microphone was turned off.”

Another said:

“White supremacy or ethnocentrism is at the very heart of America. Key component to being the illusion of egalitarianism.”

Check out the Twitter post below.

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