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Stephen King Guesses The Ending Of ‘Mare Of Easttown’ And Fans Loved It

Stephen King Guesses The Ending Of ‘Mare Of Easttown’ And Fans Loved It

Horror novelist Stephen King accurately guessing the twist ending of Mare of Easttown on his official and verified Twitter account and fans loved it.

Like everyone else on the internet, Stephen King has spent the last seven weeks theorizing about who killed Erin in the Mare of Easttown. Right after the show’s season finale, King made some theories on Twitter, and it all came true in the end.

He tweeted:

“My guess as to who killed Erin in MARE OF EASTTOWN: The boy, Ryan Ross.”

He tweeted in a response to a Twitter fan who said that Ryan’s angry:

“True, but that’s a kid with a lot of rage inside. Case in point, beating the bully with a lunch tray when the bully was mean to the girl with Down Syndrome, aka trisomy 21.”

Later, Stephen King added that the Ryan theory was just a theory and said he might be wrong:

“Just theories. I could be wrong. I was once, I think it was in 1973.”

In the season finale of the show, we learn that it was Ryan who accidentally shot Erin after confronting him in the park about John Ross’ relationship with his father. Most everyone thought Lori might be the murderer, but all of Stephen King’s theories turned out to be true.

Check out the Twitter posts below.

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