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Stephen King Says Donald Trump Is A Demonstrated Danger To The Country He Claims To Love

Stephen King Says Donald Trump Is A Demonstrated Danger To The Country He Claims To Love

Horror novelist Stephen King continues to reveal his hate for Donald Trump on Twitter. His allegations against the former President of the United States have been going on since the first day of his presidency, and the novelist shared today that Trump should not get stronger again.

Stephen King caught the attention of his followers with a post he made on Twitter on Tuesday. The 73-year-old writer, who has used harsh words about Trump before, said that he is a narcissistic nut-job and should never be allowed to be in a position of power.

King also continued his tweet, saying that he is a demonstrated danger to the United States. It is not clear why King made these statements but it is clear that he does not want to see Trump as president again.

Here’s what Stephen King tweeted:

“Donald Trump was and is a narcissistic nut-job. He must never be allowed in a position of power again. The man is a demonstrated danger to the country he claims to love.”

Check out the Twitter post below.

After the elections, Stephen King tried to show the major danger for the country by pointing to Donald Trump and his policy. King made a statement on his Twitter account and talked about the harm that Donald Trump’s tweets could do to the country. Saying that his tweets have become increasingly frantic and deranged, King said that his tweets pose a danger to the republic.

He tweeted:

“Trump’s tweets are becoming increasingly frantic and deranged. He’s a danger to the republic.”

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