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Suicide Squad’s Jared Leto Reveals His Thoughts On A Possible Release Of David Ayer’s Original Cut

Suicide Squad’s Jared Leto Reveals His Thoughts On A Possible Release Of David Ayer’s Original Cut

After Zack Snyder’s Justice League managed to impress HBO Max, the fans of Suicide Squad waited for the news of David Ayer’s original version of the movie, but Warner Bros. didn’t respond to their expectations.

Some of the scenes were cut or changed from David Ayer’s Suicide Squad by WB because they wanted to release a film that wasn’t so depressing as Ayer’s version.

David Ayer admitted that his version existed and stated that the original scenes were totally amazing and the Joker character played by Jared Leto was vastly better in the Ayer cut than the theatrical cut of Suicide Squad.

The statements made the fans curious and the #ReleaseTheAyerCut campaign on Twitter got stronger and put a strong pressure for the release of the film.

In one of his latest chats, the actor Jared Leto also made some statements and revealed his thoughts on his character’s part in the film. He explained that he supported the campaign and wanted WB to release the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad.

Since the character of Joker has so many cut scenes, if those scenes were not cut, perhaps the character would have had a very different and stronger effect.

The Academy Award-winning actor stated that he wanted Ayer to make the film of his dreams, and also explained that a movie that did such a great job could be given another chance and that the cut scenes could be shared with the audience.

Here’s what he stated:

“I would love for him to be able to work on that and make the film of his dreams. It’s always hard when you make these movies because it’s such a pressure cooker.

There are so many decisions that have to be made in a short amount of time. My hat’s off to the directors, the producers, and the studios. It’s not easy.

You never start with something that’s perfect. It’s a race to try to make it as good as you can in a short amount of time. And having another swing at things? I’m sure we all can use that.”

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