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Summer Walker Describes The World She Wants To Live In, But It’s Really Hard To Build

Summer Walker Describes The World She Wants To Live In, But It’s Really Hard To Build

The world continues to become difficult to get out of, a place where violence, abuse, criminality, discrimination and all other evils are increasing day by day. While good people try to keep their hopes up, sometimes it isn’t that easy to do. The 24-year-old singer Summer Walker released a video via her official Instagram account in which she told her utopian world what kind of world she wanted to live in if she had the opportunity.

In a collaboration with Amazon music and Rotation, Walker explained that she wanted to live in a world full of goodness and shared a video on her account describing what kind of world she wanted to live in. The singer, who unfortunately feels like an alien in this world, adds that she feels as if she came to this planet by mistake.

While selfishness, discrimination and disrespect are at the top of the current world order, Walker claims her mind works far different from most people. Moreover, she explains that these different thoughts make her feel isolated and misunderstood.

In the sequel to the video, Walker begins to portray her dream planet and says that this planet is a place full of empathy that she really feels like home. In this imaginary world of Walker, where logic takes the place of ego, everyone respects the world, animals, trees and nature.

Not only Walker but probably many people who want to live in a fair and good world would love to live in Walker’s world which is wonderful, beautiful where people really listen to their hearts and are full of empathy.

Here’s how Walker describes her dream world:

“All day, every day I just feel like an alien. I feel like I ended up on the wrong planet. I have a different mindset than a lot of people and then it just causes me to feel super isolated and misunderstood. If I could go to a planet where I would feel at home it would be empathy-filled.

Everybody would operate off of logic 99.9% of the time instead of ego. Everybody would just really respect the earth and the trees and the grass, and the oceans, and the animals. Everybody would just really operate off their heart. That would be a beautiful, wonderful, place that I would love to live.”

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