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Summer Walker Says People Want Her To Shut Up And Sing When She Talks About Racism

Summer Walker Says People Want Her To Shut Up And Sing When She Talks About Racism

Georgia-based R&B singer Summer Marjani Walker explained how she dealt with systematic discrimination and racism in the music industry.

R&B singers Summer Walker, Kehlani, Teyana Taylor, and Jhene Aiko revealed the unknowns of the R&B and music world in their latest interview with Billboard’s Gizelle Hernandez and made very striking statements.

Photographer and director Gizelle Hernandez asked the same questions to the four R&B artists, wondering what they thought of the world of music as a woman.

While talking about the much talk about systemic bias in the music industry this year, she asked them what challenges they faced as black women in their careers at a young age.

Summer Walker explained that when she was in the studio she did not get into these polemics, but as someone who likes to speak out, whenever she wants to talk about systematic racism, religion, or politics, they always tell her to shut up and just sing.

Here’s what she stated:

“As far as dealing with guys at the studio, I don’t put myself in that situation. I don’t really talk much or go to the studio that often. I really stay at home. But as a woman who likes to speak her mind, I do think it’s kind of weird that if I show my ass or post a half-naked picture, it’s totally fine.

But if I want to speak on systematic racism, religion or politics, then it’s like, “Wait a minute, you’re doing too much.” They kind of want you to just shut up and sing, which is an issue for me.”

She also touched on how she decides what to share on social media. She said:

“I don’t think anything is too much as long as you’re comfortable with whatever you’re sharing. I have a work page and a spam page. I like to use my spam page because it’s fun to debate social issues. It’s a hobby of mine. I learn hella shit about documentaries and all types of things from debating with people.”

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