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Sydney Sweeney Reveals What She Thinks About Halsey’s Acting Debut

Sydney Sweeney Reveals What She Thinks About Halsey’s Acting Debut

Recently, the singer, Halsey, informed fans about her new project ‘The Players Table‘ and announced that she would be playing with Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney. It will be a TV series based on the story of Jessica Goodman’s best-selling novel ‘They Wish They Were Us.’ Besides, the singer will also produce the show.

In this new career path that Halsey has drawn for herself after singing, she will give life to her character named Rachel Calloway. This character will help to solve the murder of another character in the series.

The 25-year-old singer’s co-star also shared her thoughts on Halsey’s first acting experience and supported her. Thinking that Halsey would take the series to a different level, Sweeney also announced that she believed Halsey would surprise everyone with her acting talent.

Mentioning that Halsey was very enthusiastic about this project, this attitude will make the series more meaningful, and Sweeney was very pleased to play with Halsey.

Here’s what she said:

“She will bring just a whole another level to the show. I think she’s going to blow the world away with her acting ability.

She’s just so passionate about so many different issues and topics that the show hits on. I think she’s really going to be able to bring that to a whole new level and deepen it and make it more impactful.”

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