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Sylvester Stallone Reveals The Untold Backstory Of Rambo: First Blood

Sylvester Stallone Reveals The Untold Backstory Of Rambo: First Blood

American successful actor, Sylvester Stallone has posted a rare photo about his film named “Rambo: First Blood” on certified Instagram page, and revealed an untold backstory of First Blood.

He will be seen returning to the big screen as one of his most iconic characters: John RamboRambo: Last Blood will be the actor’s fifth time portraying the character since 1982, and the film promises to be action-packed.

Here’s the story:

“I remember well. While doing this Stunt on FIRST BLOOD – a truck accidentally goes through on the other road block and we almost had a head on… Sweet memories. #RAMBO.”

A fan named fattcoffee wrote a comment:

“I remember seeing you as a little kid shooting this movie while I was on greyhound bus going to Vancouver.

My mom had to explain to me what you were doing but I couldn’t understand why Rocky was in Hope BC…becuase as a 9yr old kid who’s Sylvester stallone 🤷🏻‍♂️ but I knew Rocky.”

Another fan said that:

“I did a MasterClass with Ted Kotcheff three years ago and he said you didn’t let the stuntmen do the stunt that Rambo fell off that tree on the rocks.

After he falls off that cliff and even though you broke your ribs, which we can see in the movie, you decided to ignore the pain and just put bandages and keep shooting. That’s REALLY BADASS!!!!💪🏻.”

See the Instagram post below:

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