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T.I. Says ‘Young Thug Created A Wave That Only He can Exist In’ While Discussing The Rank

T.I. Says ‘Young Thug Created A Wave That Only He can Exist In’ While Discussing The Rank

The famous rapper T.I. recently gave an interview where he talked about many different issues. One of the issues he mentioned in this interview was about another successful rapper, Thug.

Both T.I. and Thug are considered as the most inspiring and successful rap artists of the South. Thug is known for his eccentric and unique vocal style as well as for his fashion. Although he doesn’t want to comment much about this subject T.I. agrees with everyone that Thug brought a breath of fresh air to the rap world and created his own wave.

He thinks Thug tried something different from everyone and doing different things often brings success, without progress things get boring. It is better to do things that inspire people. And as with any change, change brings criticism. He talks about this and says, ‘he was criticized and criticized for it. They criticized him until the success of his efforts made them copy him.’

In the world of music, as everywhere else, people try to criticize and intimidate the person with the original ideas until he becomes successful. If the person does not give up, they have to accept his success. Then imitations begin to emerge. According to T.I., Thug is a rapper who has achieved this.

Here’s what he stated:

“There is a different level of acclaim when you go against the grain to do it the way nobody else thinks that it can be done, and you find success in that. So I definitely must acknowledge that and give him all the credit for that, because when he first came out, I ain’t know where he was going with it or how he was going to sustain that shit.”

He continued:

“But he has. I think from fashion all the way to his delivery. Just the way he does his shit, can’t nobody do that shit but him. He’s got an ODB meets 3000 meets Lil Wayne… He’s got a lot of shit going on in there that can’t nobody do but him. I think for the new generation, he’s definitely one of the front-runners for creating a wave. I feel like some motherfuckers, they master riding the wave, but he’s created a wave that only he can exist in.”

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