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T-Pain Says He Thought Jay-Z’s ‘D.O.A’ Was Aimed At Him

T-Pain Says He Thought Jay-Z’s ‘D.O.A’ Was Aimed At Him

T-Pain, Jay-Z’s “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)” was considered a personal diss track because at the time he saw himself as “the face of Auto-Tune.” Pain discussed Jay-Z’s piece during a new interview on the Drink Champs podcast.

As you know, T-Pain is a rapper who successfully uses auto-tune tracks. Answering questions asked during the interview, T-Pain explains how he reacted when he heard Jay-Z’s song for the first time.

He said:

“Of course! A wise man once said, ‘You can’t knock the hustle. I’m the face of this. Just like Lil Yachty was the face of mumble rap—anytime somebody talk about mumble rap, Lil Yachty was the first person to come up. I was the face of Auto-Tune. Anytime somebody said, ‘Auto-Tune,’ I’m the face. So, when you say Auto-Tune is wack, I’m the face.”

He continued:

 “If I woulda said fuckin’ blue Yankees are terrible, everybody woulda been like, ‘Oh you dissin’ Jay-Z now?’ … Anytime [Jay] says something is wack, it’s trash.”

Jay-Z released DOA in 2009 as one of the tracks on Once Upon a Time in 2009. After fans immediately thought it was a diss-track, the rapper shut down all the rumors.

Watch the interview below.

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