Tenet’s John David Washington Explains Why He Considers Chrsitopher Nolan A Hero

Actor and also the son of  Denzel Washington, John David Washington expressed his thoughts about iconic director Christopher Nolan and explained why he considered Nolan a hero.

As we all know, John David played the role of The Protagonist in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, and received positive comments from many critics. Nolan’s movie came out with a delay due to the coronavirus pandemic and fell short of expectations at the box office. Despite all these negativities, the number of people who liked the movie was quite high.

After the release of Tenet, John David, who worked very hard on the pandemic, secretly shot a movie with Zendaya. The secret movie started and finished by Europhia creator Sam Levinson.

Washington also admits that he has a special bond with Nolan and says he has a lot of respect for the director. He also calls him a hero and proves his respect in this way.

During a recent interview with Complex, the 36-year-old actor has explained why he considered the iconic director a hero. Washinton explained that he called him a hero for his movies and what they mean to him but also how he seems to navigate in the industry.

Here’s what he stated:

“I call him a hero because of his films, and what they meant to me, but also how he seems to navigate in the industry. There’s a certain rollout that comes along with a Christopher Nolan film. There’s an excitement that’s built around his films, that is orchestrated by him and his team. It seems that he’s found this beautiful balance of art and commerce.

It is show business. He’s uncompromising when it comes to his vision, and his execution of the story he’s trying to tell. It’s still viable, [and] it still has an opportunity to do good business for a lot of people. That’s a hero of mine. You can be about the art and about making a living.”

John David Washington also talked about the Tenet movie being released during the coronavirus pandemic and honestly admitted that he always felt nervous about it.

He said:

“To be quite honest I was nervous. I thought, “Maybe we should wait.” I didn’t think it was going to come out. I didn’t know. Every conversation I had with [Nolan] was just that heroic quality I spoke of before. He believes in cinema, he believes in the theater experience, and so do I. This is why I’m in. This is why I do what I do.

Just hearing his confidence, and affirmation about what the game plan is, I’m like “Hell yeah. What was I thinking? Let’s do this.” Obviously with the safety protocols being set to work with. It’s really courageous; it’s rock and roll, man. It’s an artistry to me on a different level. Just believing in something so much; I just admire that, and I loved it.”

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