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Teyana Taylor Gives A Bizarre Answer To ‘Why Women Are Collaborating More Frequently In R&B Music?’

Teyana Taylor Gives A Bizarre Answer To ‘Why Women Are Collaborating More Frequently In R&B Music?’

Undoubtedly, one of the most influential and most productive names this year was the US R&B music star, Teyana Taylor. The singer, who spent the year 2020 quite intensely and productively with the album and single news she shared consecutively, released her latest album “The Album” in June.

29-year-old Taylor gave an interview to Billboard and shared her ideas on women singers making collaborations more frequently in the R&B genre.

According to Teyana Taylor, she is not trying to be in competition with anybody and she is cool to work with other women singers because she thinks women should empower each other.

Moreover, she explained that she gets really angry when people are too proud to ask if they want to work together. Taylor emphasized that women should support each other, not stand against each other.

Here’s what she stated:

Females collaborating is always dope — even more so when it’s genuine. I’m not trying to be in no competition. I listen to your shit, be having sex to your shit.

Let’s just do what we’re going to do and be cool. The world has pit women against each other for so long that they believe it. Everyone is about women’s empowerment until it’s time to empower one another.

That pisses me off. I’ve never had too much pride to reach out to a bitch to say I want to work with her. We have to stop letting people get into our heads. The bitches want to work.”

Taylor also underlined that R&B music will always be there. The famous singer even compared it to a woman who is good for a man and helps him to get everything together to settle down. She even claimed that R&B will always be the main music genre that lasts forever.

Here’s what she said:

We’ll always be here. When an — a is in the prime of his life, he wants to deal with everyone. But there’s always that one girl that’s going to be there for him. When he’s really ready to get it together and settle down, that’s who he’ll go looking for. That’s what I feel R&B is. R&B is always going to be the realest bitch in the world.”

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