Thanos Actor Josh Brolin Stuns Everyone As He Relaxes Without Any Outfit In Front Of His Caravan

Actor Josh Brolin, known for his role as the supervillain Thanos in the Avengers End Game movie, surprised his fans with a new photo he shared on his Instagram account.

Josh Brolin goes to the countryside from time to time due to the coronavirus pandemic and likes to spend time with his family there. While spending time again in one of the provinces, Josh decided to share an interesting photo of himself taken by his wife, Kathryn.

On Tuesday, the 52-year-old actor appeared naked in front of his van. In this photo he shared at sunrise, Brolin was drinking his coffee and enjoying the scenery with his feet outstretched.

The actor also explained why he posed naked with a meaningful message to the title:

“At the end of the day a life will judged by how often you were naked. Nobody told they meant metaphorically.”

A fan stopped in the comment section, quoting from Thanos:

“I finally rest, and watch the sunrise on a grateful universe”

Another wrote:

“That’s cute. Thanos has a retirement plan.”

See the Instagram post below.

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