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The Bachelorette’ Rachel Abasolo Touches Hearts As She Shares The Emotional Story Of Her Dog Cooper

The Bachelorette’ Rachel Abasolo Touches Hearts As She Shares The Emotional Story Of Her Dog Cooper

The first African-American star of The Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay Abasolo, shared a cute throwback picture and a touching anecdote about her dog, Copper, on her Instagram account.

On Thursday, the 35-year-old reality star shared her love for animals with her fans, and with her emotional note, she set an example to everyone by showing how right it is to save and adopt animals from the streets rather than to shop.

As you can see in the post below, Abasolo shared their family photo including her husband Bryan Abasolo and their adorable dog Copper. Copper’s story of joining the family is also very impressive and touching to the heart.

According to Rachel Lindsay Abasolo, Copper was first found by her sister while strolling the streets of Dallas four years ago and she took it to the vet. The dog, whose owner was not found, also escaped from a foster dog mom’s yard because he was afraid of storms and it could not find a family for itself.

When Abasolo finally saw the photo of the dog, they loved each other from the very first moment. When she first met with Copper, she knew that they were meant for each other and Copper has been a part of the family ever since.

Here’s the caption:

“Have I ever told you guys how Copper came to be a part of our family? @kingcopperash was found in the streets of Dallas by my sister @constancecherones over 4 years ago.

She took him to the vet but he wasn’t chipped and didn’t have tags. She posted about him on a website and no one claimed him. A foster dog mom offered to take him home but he escaped from her yard that night because there was a storm and he was scared.

Another couple found him a couple of days later and contacted my sister. My sister showed me his picture and I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I went to meet him and he ran to me and touched me with his paw.

Basically, he imprinted on me. At that point, I said “Son, come home” and we have been inseparable ever since that day! ☺️ He was always meant to be mine! #rescueismyfavoritebreed #copperas”

Check out the post below.

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