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The Best Comment Comes From Kendall Jenner On The Weeknd’s Halloween Costume

The Best Comment Comes From Kendall Jenner On The Weeknd’s Halloween Costume

Naturally, Halloween was much different in this extraordinarily challenging year. In the world of celebrities, some preferred to celebrate safely at home with their families away from the virus, while other famous names continued to have fun at parties. One of these names was The Weeknd and the singer shared a video from Kendall Jenner’s Halloween birthday party on Instagram dancing as The Nutty Professor on Halloween.

A few days ago, The Weeknd, who announced the music video for the song “Too Late” with a countdown and released it afterward, is a name that takes Halloween very seriously because every year he prepares his costumes, as well as an actor, does with his professional hair and makeup. The choice of the famous singer, who preferred the famous Joker character last year, was completely different this year.

Abel Tesfaye transformed into Eddie Murphy’s 1996 beloved character scientist Sherman Klump from The Nutty Professor. The famous singer seems to have gotten into the Halloween spirit and worked hard because he managed to be almost exactly the same.

On Saturday, Abel Tesfaye shared a video from a Halloween Party in which he wore a fat suit with prosthetics on his face and hands looking like a really fat man. Definitely, he looked so different with his wig and fake teeth that it was impossible to recognize him.

In this costume, the singer danced to his song ‘Too Late’ in the middle of a crowd holding a drink in one hand. However, not all his followers shared the same idea because while some admired his costume, others criticized him for going to a crowded party without wearing a mask and not taking any precautions.

One of the famous names who commented on the post was Kendall Jenner and she said:

“Best dressed”

A fan named wrote:

“Let’s not excuse celebrities for partying during a pandemic”

Another fan commented:

“Rich people really forget there is a pandemic. Come on Abel”

Check out the post below.

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