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The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco Breaks Her Silence About Her Future Plans And New Projects

The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco Breaks Her Silence About Her Future Plans And New Projects

The actress Kaley Cuoco is known for her role in The Big Bang Theory which lasted for 12 seasons one of the most watched sitcoms in TV history.

After this long adventure, Kaley Cuoco, as one of the high earning actors, is now focusing on her future works and is aware of the disadvantages of playing the same role for many years.

The actress, who started to think about how to continue her career after The Big Bang Theory was finished, came across the book The Flight Attendant one day while doing research and immediately called her attorney and asked if they could buy the rights of the book, so she got the rights and started the production.

Here’s what she said:

“One night, I was swiping through upcoming books on Amazon and saw The Flight Attendant. I read one sentence and called my attorney: “Have you heard of this book? And, if you have, did Reese Witherspoon get the rights?” I was assuming she probably did. (Laughs.) I had not even read the book yet, and all of a sudden I have the rights”

Kaley Cuoco is now an actress and producer of her new project The Flight Attendant, which will be aired on HBO Max. The 34-year-old actress did not want to take a break after The Big Bang Theory was over because she did not want to be forgotten by the audience and also wanted to meet expectations with her new role.

Cuoco, who is pleased with her acting career, also wants to be a successful producer like Reese Witherspoon. In addition, the actress, who has been a fan of Jennifer Aniston for 20 years, wants to have an unforgettable career by doing permanent jobs like them.

Here’s what she stated:

“Taking a break would definitely scare me. You’re easily forgotten, too. You’ve got to stay relevant. But also know when too much is too much. It’s kind of a fine line.

Definitely Reese. She’s the obvious one. And everyone knows I’ve been obsessed with Jennifer Aniston for 20 years. I love her. And Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Regina King, who’s making amazing choices.”

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