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The Chainsmokers Shares A Bromance Photo On The Beach

The Chainsmokers Shares A Bromance Photo On The Beach

The Chainsmokers, an electronic DJ and production duo consisting of Alexander Pall and Andrew Taggart, has shared a new photo on their official Instagram account, showing their close friendship.

In the photo, the duo appeared on the beach while making their special handshake. They also left a brief but a mystical message in the caption about their particular handshake.

This photo may be proof that their friendship and partnership will last forever.

Also, their post has received over 30k Instagram likes in a really short period, with the fans heading to the comments section to show their love and support for the duo.

Here’s what The Chainsmokers captioned:

“We touched shakas and all our dreams came true.”

An Instagram user named musicaholic.sid said this:

“Lets show them we are better!”

Another fan named thexhainsmokers wrote this:

“I love u guys so much please come back to Saint Louis 😭❤️”

See the Instagram photo below.

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