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The Former Entertainment Tonight Host John Tesh Says He Begs God For Healing During Cancer Battle

The Former Entertainment Tonight Host John Tesh Says He Begs God For Healing During Cancer Battle

The former ‘Entertainment Tonight’ co-host John Tesh reveals that he is determined to keep his faith during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The former Entertainment Tonight co-host announced that he was diagnosed with rare prostate cancer in 2015 and said he would only live 18 more months.

However, during his treatment, he said that he and his wife, Connie Sellecca, read the scriptures together and begged God for healing. The 68-year-old pianist spoke to Fox News and said he relied on the Bible to feel comfortable during cancer treatment.

Here’s what John Tesh stated:

“At that time, I was trying really hard to believe that everything was going to be all right. was begging God for healing. And when Connie and I read the scriptures together, we learned that God wants us to have health and wellness, healing and prosperity. And the Bible speaks truth. It’s the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

In addition, Tesh advised people to take time from everyday life and read the scriptures:

“I think people will really be surprised to read what the Bible has to say if they take a break from their phones and just read the scriptures each day. I really recommend the Book of Romans and just take a deep breath.”

He also added:

“I think it’s incredibly important to stay informed and educated. But I also think it’s just as important to take a step back and disconnect. You can’t constantly consume all the negativity all day, every day.

It may sound ridiculous coming from me because I fell for it myself, but I found myself being pulled in so many different directions. We need to take care of ourselves and our hearts. And reading the Bible does that for me. It helps me understand my truth and it connects me with my family, especially during difficult times.”

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