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The Game Gets An Unexpected Luxurious Gift From His Children On His 41st Birthday

The Game Gets An Unexpected Luxurious Gift From His Children On His 41st Birthday

Compton rapper The Game, whose real name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor, has updated his Instagram feed and shocked his fans by what he got as a birthday gift.

The artist, who has recently been involved in discussions over the latest Grammy nominations and thinks the Grammys give nominations to the most appropriate black artists they can find, was among those who were surprised that The Weeknd did not receive any nominations.

On Sunday, it was his 41st birthday and he celebrated this special day with his kids. The Game’s children saved their money and bought a very luxurious gift that not everyone can afford, and gave a Tesla as a surprise to their father.

The famous rapper, who was very surprised by this unexpected gift, shared his happiness with his followers by reposting the post of his son, Harlem.

Here’s the caption:

“Happy bday to my dad/best friend. love u 🖤 and who’s tesla is that u may be wondering? oh me and my siblings saved up all the money our dad has given us to buy him a new car. pretty sick huh?

At a loss for words & was totally surprised. I love you all to the end of the world & back son. Thank you…….. BEST GIFT EVER #TaylorGang”

The followers made many different comments on this magnificent gift and they wished everyone had such children.

A fan named Syntiche Sashi commented:

“Parenthood blessings 😊🙏🏽”

Another fan named Lynn Lynn added this:

“Merry Christmas. You raised good kids.”

Check out the post below.

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