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The Jonas Brothers Want To Spread Warmth And Happiness With Their New Song

The Jonas Brothers Want To Spread Warmth And Happiness With Their New Song

While everyone is getting ready to celebrate Halloween, the Jonas Brothers: Kevin, Nick, and Joe already seem to have started their Christmas celebration preparations because they all shared the exact same post with the same message and announced their new song “I Need You Christmas” on their Instagram page.

On Thursday, the brothers were getting ready to share their new song with their fans after their last Christmas song “Like It’s Christmas” that was released a year ago.

In addition, they shared some photos of past holiday dinners that had some very warming details about them, the first one showing the 3 brothers sitting under a Christmas tree when they were young children. In the other photos their families got bigger and bigger and finally it turned into nice big family dinners.

The Jonas Brothers also shared a heartwarming message besides the family photos in which they stated that after having such a crazy year, releasing this song and waiting for the Holidays were something they were looking forward to.

Moreover, they laid emphasis on the importance of getting together in the Holidays and spending quality time with our families. They described the importance of their song as a reminder of their childhood memories which they had snowball fights and found the nearest hill to sled or reminded the days they decorated the Christmas tree with their family.

They added a note to the end of their post with the message that said they hope to bring warmth to everyone and make them feel the happiness they felt while creating the song.

Although fans were expecting an album from Jonas Brothers, “I Need You Christmas” was still a good surprise for them to listen to at Christmas.

Here’s what they wrote:

“With having such a crazy year, we all really need something to look forward to… the Holidays is a time that brings us together and is something that brings us joy in the darkest of times.

For us, this song stirs up memories of childhood snowball fights and finding the nearest hill to sled. It brings us back to spending time with family setting up the Christmas tree. Hopefully it can bring you guys the same feelings of warmth and happiness that creating it has brought us. We love you guys very much! #INeedYouChristmas drops tonight at 12am ET / 9pm PT ❄️🎁🎄”

Check out the post below.

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