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The Midnight Sky Actress Felicity Jones Makes A Serious Statement About The Pay Parity In Hollywood

The Midnight Sky Actress Felicity Jones Makes A Serious Statement About The Pay Parity In Hollywood

Felicity Jones, who started to be known by everyone in her role as Jyn Erso in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, made statements about her latest movie ‘The Midnight Sky’, while also explaining her views on the share of disparity between female and male actors in Hollywood.

The British actress Felicity Jones, who starred in the new sci-fi Netflix production ‘The Midnight Sky’, directed by George Clooney, portrays the astronaut, Sully, in the movie. In the interview, where she shared details from her movie that will be released on December 23, she also spoke about her fighting for pay parity in Hollywood.

Women should be paid what they deserve, and what they’re worth in every business. Felicity Jones, 37, as an actress does not hesitate to talk about it and she declared that she considered herself glorious because she was not involved in a project where she was paid less than male co-star.

But unfortunately, not everyone is known to be treated with this kind of justice, so Jones believes that this injustice will rapidly diminish as we are now in a time where things are changing rapidly. Adding that we are not living in an old-fashioned period anymore, the actress argues that it is necessary to adapt to the new time and to continue fighting for parity in order to achieve the result.

Thinking that today everything is more transparent than it was in the past, Jones says it is important to know that nothing will remain a secret in these circumstances, where people are treated unfairly, thanks to this transparency. She also states that it is great to see this change and to be a part of it.

Here’s what Felicity Jones stated:

I’ve been very fortunate on that front. I’ve always felt very fairly treated in that respect and I’ve always found a transparency and have felt fairly paid for what I’m doing. But it’s certainly not the case for everyone.

I think times are shifting so rapidly. I think we’re in a moment where we can’t be old-fashioned anymore. That we have to adapt. We have to keep fighting for parity, particularly in other industries where it’s not a foregone conclusion.

I think it’s fantastic the amount of transparency there is now, and I think that is the key. We have to make sure that everything is open and there aren’t any secrets in these situations where people are being unfairly treated. Just being able to be in this moment post-#MeToo and see this shift and be part of the shift is just fantastic.”

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